Our Members

Canadian Home Builders' Association of Central Vancouver Island has over 116 Members.

For more than 65 years, the Canadian Home Builders' Association has been an effective and respected "Voice of the Residential Construction Industry". We are a voluntary organization, run by members for members. We understand what our members need and work to support their business success.

A Winning Situation

Home building and to a large degree, related spin-off business account for a local economy’s well-being.  For example, on Vancouver Island, the construction industry is the sector credited with being the 3rd largest employer.

If you feel you’re not getting your share of business, then perhaps you need to make some new contacts or get to know more reputable builders.  You can do that and more by joining your local Home Builders’ Association.

Local builders appreciate business associates who support the industry through CHBA membership and participation in its activities.

Every time a new home is built, it provides economic stimulus to the local economy. In addition to the cost of materials, the building lot, labour, equipment and other direct costs associated with the house itself, business is stimulated in the creation of new neighbourhoods, bigger schools, churches, better highways, community facilities, expansion of utilities, etc. In addition, earnings are generated for many professional and service businesses every time a new home is built and sold.

By becoming a member of the CHBA, you’ll not only help to enhance your company’s financial health, but you will also contribute to your community’s economic prosperity. 

It’s a win, win situation!

A Structure Built on Accomplishment

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association is comprised of three levels:  Local, Provincial and National.  This structure fully represents a broad-based membership – such as the home building industry.  Your local association is governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Committees are established to oversee specific issues or interests, such as education and training, technical advisory, government liaison, membership, community service and finance.

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