The Central Vancouver Island Home Builders’ Association is proud to bring the RenoMarkTM program to our region!

Renovate with confidence by using one of our renovator members who have “raised the bar” by meeting the criteria to join the program, and now proudly display the RenoMarkTM logo with their company!

10 Great Reasons why you should hire a RenoMarkTM professional for your homes renovation projects:

  • RenoMarkTM members believe in professionalism. They are committed to their industry and to their businesses and are willing to pay annual dues to keep informed and to help educate consumers as well.
  • RenoMarkTM members have legitimate business licenses. They do not support the underground economy of renovators who avoid paying taxes and operate “fly-by-night” and “cash only” businesses.
  • RenoMarkTM members are informed. Information and education are important benefits of membership. Our members are the first to know about changes in building codes, municipal requirements, health and safety regulations and more through our courses, information sessions, and communications program.
  • RenoMarkTM members are “in-the-loop”. It makes sense to hire a renovator that is part of an extensive home building and renovating industry network. Our members are in touch with manufacturers, suppliers, and experienced sub-contractors. They know what’s new and where to get it.
  • RenoMarkTM members offer peace-of-mind. Joining our program is your sign that a renovator is concerned about fair and honest quotes and reliable start and finish dates. They understand that keeping the lines of communication wide open is the key to a successful job.
  • RenoMarkTM members comply with the association’s general code of ethics applicable to all members plus a renovation-specific code of conduct. It’s all about integrity. Our members believe in treating not only their clients appropriately, but also deal fairly with sub-contractors and employees.
  • RenoMarkTM members offer a wealth of advice. Put them to work for you in the planning stages of your renovation. Our members can offer design and technical advice to achieve designs you may not have thought possible. They are one call away.
  • RenoMarkTM members take care of the details. Hiring a professional means that the details like ensuring all sub-contractors have Workers Compensation Board  coverage, necessary approvals and permits are in place, and obtaining the appropriate insurance are not only taken care of, they are readily available to you for your assurance.
  • RenoMarkTM members offer a warranty. A contractor committed to professionalism will offer you the coverage you need. Under the table deals leave you no recourse – so make sure your renovator spells it out on paper. Our members can also provide you with a written list of referrals so you can check on their performance and expertise.
  • RenoMarkTM members are part of the WRHBA – a crucial first step in knowing that you’ve hired a professional.

The RenoGuide: Read Before You Renovate

If you’d like to approach your renovation or addition with confidence, reduce the risk, minimize the inconvenience, and maximize the pleasure and added value that a well-conceived and executed project can add to your home, we have the guide for you.

The RenoGuide is essential reading that will introduce you to the five steps to a successful renovation – including selecting a reputable, trustworthy renovator. Get the most out of your renovation – read before you renovate!

Click here to access the RenoGuide

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